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Hunting And Fishing: We Know How Important It Is For You

Hunting and fishing are woven into our culture in South Carolina. Many people in our community enjoy the outdoors while harvesting the wildlife that’s found within. For them, hunting white-tailed deer or small game is a part of life. So is fishing in our beautiful lakes and streams. We know how important these activities are to you and how distressed you may be upon losing these privileges.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) doesn’t mess around when hunters and fishermen violate these laws, coming down hard with severe penalties such as losing your hunting and fishing privileges and confiscation of your firearms. The attorneys at Taylor Law Firm, LLC, will represent you to the very best of our ability if you find yourself in a quandary with the DNR.

Violations May Result In Severe Consequences

Lifelong residents of the community, Taylor Law Firm, LLC, is a family-owned business that’s known and respected. We have a dedicated, skilled and straightforward team of criminal defense lawyers and staff that empathizes with you. We give you the attention you deserve. And we also know just how important hunting and fishing is to your families. If you find yourself in a predicament with the DNR, you need to contact us.

The DNR relies on a point system to record and track violations made by hunters and fishermen. The more points you accumulate, the more severe the consequences. The DNR automatically suspends the hunting and fishing privileges of anyone who has accumulated 18 or more points.

What Constitutes A DNR Hunting And Fishing Violation?

Some of the more severe DNR hunting and fishing violations include:

  • Resisting arrest by force
  • Intentional trespassing to hunt, fish or trap
  • Night hunting deer or bear
  • Shooting turkey over bait
  • Trespassing to hunt waterfowl
  • Unlawful selling of game or game fish
  • Taking or possessing an undersized striped bass
  • Taking or possessing more than the size limit of blue catfish

Some violations, though, call for mandatory suspensions. They include boating under the influence, criminal or negligent use of a firearm, bear violations, and failure to pay fines or restitution. We can help you fight or appeal a suspension.

Contact Us: A Local, Respected Law Firm

Taylor Law Firm, LLC, in West Columbia, has firm roots in South Carolina. We know what you value and what’s important to you. We are a seasoned, hardworking and respected team. We are honest, straightforward and knowledgeable. If you need representation stemming from a hunting or fishing incident, contact us at 803-926-2205.