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Knowing What Steps To Take When Facing DUI Charges

Convictions for drinking and driving in South Carolina carry serious and long-term consequences. Do not face the legal system alone or with a lawyer who lacks the necessary skill, knowledge and experience.

At the Taylor Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers work to minimize the impact of drunk driving charges. We are committed to protecting your rights and your freedom. At no time will we transfer your case to an experienced associate or paralegal.

Let Our DUI And DWI Legal Know-How Work For You

Our Lexington drunk driving attorneys will defend your DUI/DWI charge and find answers to the following questions:

  • Was your arrest conducted correctly? If there were mistakes in the field sobriety tests or Data Master test or if the arresting officer acted improperly, our DUI defense attorneys may be able to challenge the results.
  • Did you refuse to blow for a breath test or give a blood sample? This automatically leads to license revocation for a minimum of six months. By requesting a hearing, we may be able to obtain permission for you to drive on a temporary license.
  • Are you a repeat offender ? If charged with felony DUI, your case could lead to hefty fines, jail time, skyrocketing car insurance rates and a criminal record. Our lawyers may be able to have the charges reduced.

The Penalties You May Face

The penalties for a DUI/DWI can be severe. Penalties for a first offense are now based on your blood alcohol level (BAC) and can include:

  • 0.08 to 0.10: a $400 fine and up to 30 days in jail
  • 0.10 to 0.16: a $500 fine and up to 30 days in jail
  • 0.16 and above: $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail

In addition to these penalties, persons convicted of DUI may be required to install and maintain costly ignition interlock devices.

We will fight to reduce your potential penalties, from getting the charges dropped completely to doing community service instead of jail time. We will always look out for your best interests.

Driver’s License Suspension

Please note: If your blood alcohol level was 0.15 or higher, your driver’s license will be suspended for up to one month for a first offense and longer for subsequent offenses. No matter the circumstances of your arrest, we will provide representation both in the courtroom and at the office of Motor Vehicles hearing.

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